Measuring Opinion. Conducting Surveys. Gaining Insight.

MO Research is an opinion research and polling company that uses surveys to understand opinions on public issues. Measuring opinion accurately is difficult. We use modern survey techniques—including surveying using Facebook and text messaging—to gauge sentiment on a range of public issues.

MO Research is a public opinion research firm owned by MoveOn Political Action. We conduct opinion research to inform actionable insights.

What we do

Understanding public opinion in this day and age is challenging. As people increasingly use social media and mobile devices, traditional polling has become more difficult. We seek to use contemporary, technology-based polling to understand public opinion.

How we work

MO Research collects and analyzes polling data on topics of public interest like education, public safety, the environment, and elections. Our surveying aims to reach a broad cross section of the public on different platforms.

Understanding public opinion is core to developing effective strategies for campaigns. By carefully listening, we can help stakeholders better understand public sentiment and inform their actions.